Brazil has recorded its hottest temperature ever, breaking 2005 record

Woman dies at Taylor Swift concert in Brazil

Woman dies at Taylor Swift concert in Brazil amid extreme heat


Brazil recorded its hottest-ever temperature on Sunday, as thermometers in the small city of Araçuaí hit 44.8 Celsius, or 112.6 Fahrenheit, according the country’s National Institute of Meteorology

The previous record was set in November 2005 in the city of Bom Jesus, with a temperature of 112.4 Fahrenheit.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology, Sunday marked the end of a major heat wave that caused high temperatures throughout the country — Brazil’s eighth heat wave this year.

The day before the record-breaking temperatures, Taylor Swift postponed an Eras Tour concert in Rio de Janeiro after a 23-year-old fan died during her Friday night show.

Because of high temperatures and humidity in Brazil, the apparent temperature inside the stadium were Swift performed reached 59°C, or 138°F, leading to what one fan described as “sauna-like” conditions.

While temperatures in Brazil have since dropped, the country is currently being impacted by a series of storms that will continue throughout the week, and bring up to three inches of rainfall to certain parts of the country. The National Institute of Meteorology is warning of lightning, severe wind and hail.

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